About Me

Living both in Melbourne and overseas in Mexico for 5 years has given me the opportunity to work within many different team environments. I have been privy to witnessing both successful, motivated & happy teams versus those that had frustrated, unsatisfied staff with a clear lack of motivation & therefore less productivity. As a team player myself & one not afraid to look at my own habits, behaviour and psychology, I knew what nourished me and have always seeked out to empower others in discovering the same. The Team Empowerment Wheel TM is the result of deep exploration into human psychology and behaviour. Knowing how important teams and their members are to companies, together with my partner Sean we created the wheel to provide companies with a tool to increase their teams' motivation, connection to eachother & wellbeing. This is a unique tool that I am very passionate about and look forward to sharing this modality with any business that treats their staff's wellbeing as a priority.