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About Me

Living both in Melbourne and overseas in Mexico for 5 years has given me the opportunity to work within many different team environments. I have been privy to witnessing both successful, motivated & happy teams versus those that had frustrated, unsatisfied staff with a clear lack of motivation and therefore less productivity. As a team player myself and one not afraid to look at my own habits, behaviour and psychology, I knew what nourished me and have always envisioned to empower others in discovering the same. The Team Empowerment Wheel TM is the result of deep exploration into human psychology and behaviour. Knowing how important teams and their members are to companies, together with my partner Sean we created the wheel to provide companies with a tool to increase their teams' motivation, connection to eachother & wellbeing, resulting in greater team efficiency, productivity and overall success. Giving teams the edge is what this process is designed for. It is a unique tool that I am very passionate about and look forward to sharing this modality with any business that treats their staff's wellbeing as a priority and is looking for that competitive advantage.

I love nature. My years in Mexico living in the jungle reinforced how important trees, animals and the outdoors are for overall health and wellbeing. Stress seems to be so commonplace these days, many staff and CEO's are working so hard they forget the balance between work and downtime. They miss out on the recharge! The Group Wellness Walks (Melbourne only) are designed to rejuvenate, destress and calm the mind. The walk in nature leaves staff empowered, alive; returning to work with smiles on their faces.  Not to mention more motivated and ready to get the job done!

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